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The inspiration for this course comes from India, when I was surrounded by many foreigners from different countries around the world, who were working for IT companies. We were like a world within a small city “Chennai”. There I realized that it doesn’t matter the place where you come from, but what you want to give to the others, so you can find kind or rude, wise or meaningless, inspiring or disappointing people everywhere.

Therefore, the most important is how we can learn to appreciate things and what we decide to do with them. That year 2016, the movement Citizens of the World came to India with its annual festival , and brought the message of meaningful actions, then I felt the intention to get involved by sharing my experiences and point of view to students.

That was how I implemented in Colombia a program with themes such as: addressing thoughts and behaviors, describing communities, corporations, cultures and issues of the world by using the same name. Then in 2017 I came to Romania following my love whom I met in India through an educational program.

Main Objectives:

  • To provide valuable information which will make children assimilate the map of becoming a citizen of the world.
  • To make children understand the connection between themselves and the world itself.
  • To raise a sense of wonder of all that surrounds the children to handle any situation with curiosity instead of negative reactions.


The program is built around 4 sessions/ month, of 2 hours each, in which the first 3 weeks we will see 3 main subjects: self, community& world, and the last week will be dedicated for the game “Seven Wonders”, in which they will learn how war, science and wellness are interconnected.