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The inspiration for this course came from India, When I was surrounded for many foreigners working for and IT company, taking care of operation of equipment from many countries around the world. 

We were like a little world in one city, Chennai-India the crowdest city in the world, there I discovered that it doesn’t matter the place where you came from, you can find kind or rude, wise or cunning, inspiring or disappointing people everywhere, what is important is how we appreciate and treat them and what we decide to do with all the information we are getting and learning.   

That year 2016 the movement citizens of the world became a stronger program and its annual festival was made not only in its original place New York, but also in Mombay-India, Montreal-Canada and London-united Kingdon.             

It was the way how I knew about this community, and from that moment on I decide to Join the network of Citizen of the World speaking out through and taking action  by sharing my experience, my worldview and teaching how important is to be a person  rather than a professional.