Congreso de Mentes Brillantes

This congress has been the platform to join ideas all around the world to know about new scientific and technologic contributions and knowledge bases, to admire cases of personal growth, to learn from innovation.

All of this with the intension of building new connection in our minds and making us free citizens by beginning with knowledge, philosophy and ending with science without leaving aside the concern for a clear principals that governs our life.


This year the congress brought 3 main ideas regarding with education

  1. The technology should not scare us if we develop the soft skills of the children, because they are going to make the different between humans and robots.
  2. The key to have a successful development in life consist in having equilibrium between the rational and emotional brain, because this will avoid discrepancies between the internal learning and external communication of the children and consequently future professionals.
  3. The concept of “Illiteracy” should consider the fact that we are in a new age, we should be talking about “digital illiteracy” to develop the skills that children will need.

All of them based on statistics which show us that 65% of the future job that our children, are not being invented yet.

In science, Mario Alonso Puig is medical specialist in General Surgery and of the Digestive Device and Winner of the XXX Edition of the Espasa prize,  with his book “”El cociente agallas. Si cambia tu mente, cambia tu vida”, (The guts consciousness. If you change your mind, your life change), who showed us how to deny the myth that says that “The first seven years in your childhood dictate the development of the rest of your life”. Because he showed us through experiments made with rats, how activities that were developing the rats’ mind, such us: Sports and Memory Games were changing the code of their DNA. It means that the DNA does not impact 100% in our future development, but what we do and how we think influences significantly in our lives.

Thus, what we decide to eat not only affects digestive system, but also our intelligent, our memories, our learning capacity of new things and our mood, how we decide to think and manage our emotion depends the state of health. We should not allow our DNA to tie our future; we can decide what environment we want to be in.

In conclusion the main objective of our education should be the fact of build children’s confidence; the key aspect is to help children to believe in themselves to cultivate the seed of greatness and then help them to hold the conviction that they can do thing which may seem impossible. This is the leadership the schools should be teaching.

by Carol Vargas Saavedra